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Dedicated & Experienced

Resume: Resume

 Professor of Biology, Ferris State University

August 2002-2023-Current

Visiting Professor of Ethnobotany, University of Michigan Biological Station 

May 2003- June 2015

Taught 400-level, 5-credit field course in Ethnobotany to graduate and undergraduate University of Michigan students. Oversaw graduate student teaching assistants, research projects, scientific identification of hundreds of northern Michigan plant and fungi species, and assessed students in knowledge and skills expected by UMBS and LSA College. 

Wild Rice and Ethnobiology Lab Director 

January 2006-May 2023

Oversaw grant and non-grant funded research projects with undergraduate students on wild rice and ethnobotany topics, presented at regional and national conferences, 

Society of Ethnobiology, President and Past President 

2011-2013 Vice President, 2013-2015 President, 2015-2017 Immediate Past President, 2017-present Past Presidents Counsel 

Visiting Researcher, University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens 

January 2017-present 

Research and outreach collaboration with Curators focusing on human uses of plants past and present. Grant funded projects on Heritage Seeds, Wild Rice, and other related topics. 

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